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Food Logistics has named Ignition by TELUS Consumer Goods a 2022 top food and beverage software and technology provider!

This annual award honors software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global cold food and beverage supply chain.

Enhanced sustainability with Ignition by TELUS Consumer Goods

Today’s supply chain companies are investing in and implementing emerging technologies that provide flexibility, efficiency, safety, visibility and more for end-to-end management, from farm to fork.

Food Logistics recognizes that software and technology providers like Ignition by TELUS Consumer Goods, “aim to not only curb supply chain disruptions but also promote supply chain resilience. From enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) to real-time analytics […] and yes, supply chain visibility, today’s software and technology providers offer end-to-end solutions for whatever may be looming around the corner.”

Ignition by TELUS Consumer Goods produces a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to help distributors reduce waste while increasing flexibility, agility, and visibility across the supply chain. We empower our partners to achieve their sustainability goals by providing unrivaled insights from seed to fork in all stages of the distribution cycle so our partners can be confident in the way their food is sourced.

Ignition named a 2022 Top Food and Beverage Software and Tech Provider

A common use case for our solutions suite is to better manage product shelf life and proof of delivery in order to mitigate spoilage. We have seen our partners immediately reduce inventory spoilage by 15% by implementing our solutions.

Furthermore, we strive to provide better record-keeping for food traceability and improved environmental performance through better soil nutrient management and reduced CO2 emissions.

Along with complete farm-to-fork visibility, our cloud-based farm and warehouse management solutions will help our partners reduce waste and reduce emissions. Projected population growth will result in demand exceeding supply and require a 70-75% tech-driven increase in food yield, and we strive to be on the forefront of that change.

The mission of Ignition by TELUS

In the coming years, Ignition by TELUS Consumer Goods will continue to improve the visibility and agility we offer our partners while providing the necessary tools to maximize staff productivity, effectively manage inventory, comply with food safety regulations and discover profitable insights.

Learn more about our mission or contact us to learn from our experts how Ignition by TELUS Consumer Goods solutions can positively impact and improve your operations.

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