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At every stage of its life cycle, food goes to waste on a massive scale each year, equating to 1.3 billion tons, globally. Roughly 39% of that waste comes from customer-facing restaurants and retail and can boil down to both large and small errors in supply chain management. It’s vital that foodservice distributors and operators ensure they have the best supply chain management software solutions in place for an efficient and sustainable operation.

Identifying red flags in your supply chain management processes

4-10% of food purchased by restaurants is wasted before even reaching consumers. These losses collectively equate to roughly $162 billion in financial losses for the restaurant industry as a whole.

To ensure your products are reaching your customers, optimize supplies, maximize profits and contribute as little as possible to this global issue, your first step is to identify the areas in your operation that are considered the driving factors of global food waste, including:

  • Poor stock management practices
  • Inaccurate delivery insights
  • Inefficient data insights and predictive analytics

A full list can be found here.

By addressing these factors, you can avoid expensive and common supply chain issues that contribute to waste such as:

  • Overstock
  • Out-of-stocks
  • Expired products
  • Misplaced deliveries
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Mishandled products
  • Mispicks

View the complete list along with actionable food waste solutions here.

Reduce waste and maximize profits

Eliminate the risk of these issues impacting your operation and eating profits by reviewing the supply chain management tools and processes you have in place to ensure you’re fully equipped with the capabilities you need to leverage our suggested food waste solutions, such as streamlined inventory management and heightened quality assurance.

The opportunity to leverage data insights and innovative technology with SCM software to connect and improve complex supply chains has never been greater. The outcomes of capturing this opportunity can reduce waste produced from your business, help increase profits, and open opportunities for sustainability.

From warehouse and supply management to shipping, monitoring and customer service, SCM software is no longer just an edge over competitors, it’s a must-have solution to future proof the major elements of supply chain management including integration, operations, purchasing and distribution. When evaluating different providers to find the best supply chain management software for your business, focus on three key components:


Enhanced efficiency


Actionable data insights


Long-term sustainability

Selecting the best supply chain management software solutions for your operation

The TELUS Consumer Goods Supply Chain Management solution is a comprehensive supply chain management software purpose-built from the ground up for foodservice and retail food distributors, operators, and processors.

Enhanced data and analytics for sustainable practices

Our solution streamlines supply chain operations to provide 360 degrees of visibility from the sale to the final mile. This equips you with actionable data to pinpoint potential risks, existing gaps, and bottlenecks in your supply chain along with other problem areas. 

With this data and analytics, you have the insight you need to reduce food safety risks, minimize waste, follow sustainable practices, eliminate costly errors, and increase your profits. 

Increased efficiency with centralized information

Automation using a series of connected end-to-end software programs also affords centralization and consistency of tools, techniques, and methods. As well as the ability, through notifications and automated alerts, to identify actions required before they impact other links in the supply chain and inventory management to identify potential stock shortages in advance.

The TELUS Consumer Goods Supply Chain Management solution is a single source solution that consists of various modules that form the greater solution suite but are also available as individual point solutions to optimize performance. With your supply chain management tools, such as ERP, WMS, and OMS all stemming from a single source, your process is streamlined and simplified, saving you from the time and extra costs associated with connecting multiple different systems.

To learn how our supply chain management system solutions can directly help your company mitigate risks and improve supply chain performance, contact an TELUS Consumer Goods Supply Chain expert today to evaluate your unique challenges.

If you’re ready to improve your SCM processes, request a live demo to see how these solutions can reduce risk and waste in your supply chain while increasing margins and reducing waste.

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