Ignition WMS can help reduce costs and increase razor-thin margins. Use WMS to maximize staff productivity, manage inventory effectively, and comply with food safety regulations. Ignition WMS provides true visibility into every facet of your operation.

As a fully scalable solution that enables operations of all sizes—including businesses with many warehouses—Ignition WMS will ensure that you benefit from increased productivity, inventory accuracy, traceability, improved inventory turns, and product visibility. Our powerful system will enable your business to work with customers or vendors from different countries by including the flexibility to use different weight and measurement systems.

WMS is designed to provide the level of visibility and control required to enable the delivery of the perfect order. Simultaneously, it improves the overall warehouse infrastructure by providing the ability to automate manual efforts, reduce labor and inventory inefficiencies, support track and trace, and provide profitable insights.

Ignition WMS provides companies with a foundation of best practices for receiving goods, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, pick/pack, loading and shipping, as well as improved labor management. Extending these best practices further is a robust analytical capability designed to deliver deeper insights into your operations, helping you increase productivity and uncover new business opportunities.

Benefits Of WMS

  • On-demand replenishments for dedicated and non-dedicated pick slots.
  • Highly configurable for system-directed work such as putaway and order selection.
  • Integrated 3PL billing and invoices, customer Web portal and unique product by customer.
  • Integrated Labor Management System (LMS).
  • Lot tractability, including system generated receiving lots and tracking attributes to the order product lot for food safety compliance like country of origin and harvest locations.
  • Unlimited QA checklist based on criteria available via Web and configurable status.
  • Track weights for inbound, catch weights, and single weight across multiple UOMs with various sizes and shapes, weights, and temperature controls.
  • PTI compliance, GS1-128 GTIN compliance and voice box codes.
  • Web load planning and appointment scheduling.
  • Prompt pickers for opportunity cycle counting.

Case Study

Super King Markets

“Using AFS WMS we are cross training our order pullers in the distribution centers. Previously they needed to know what the product looked like now the systems directs them to where ever the product is, they don't need to be a product expert and rely on visuals to locate the items.”

Loyova Hayrapatyen – Director of Distribution

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