Ignition POD provides multiple advantages to enhance profitability and improve your relationship with your customers. As a mobile application used in the field to track a product’s activity from warehouse to customer delivery, POD supports just-in-time electronic delivery confirmation including signature captures, photos, and GPS coordinates. It also tracks truck inventory on a real-time basis as well as providing a level of customer account information that enables your personnel to make fast and precise deliveries.

Companies that deliver on paper are missing the key advantages of real-time communication and automation. With today’s strict standards for track and trace, extending the automated processes beyond the warehouse to the time of delivery is the next logical step. Knowing the right case was delivered to the right stop at the right time is imperative to protect your customers and your brand as well as to maintain compliance.


Super King Markets

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Customer Testimonial: Richard Scavuzzo

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"On our first [ePoD] delivery, on our first truck, a customer called and said, "We didn't get our case of shrimp." We went into the ePoD data, and it showed that we delivered it, with the GPS location where our driver scanned it, right inside their cooler. We were able to go to that customer and tell them to look for it...they found the case. Before, [if they reported a 'missing'] $200 case of shrimp, we would have just written a credit for it. That's a $200 savings on the first delivery, first day."



  • Order delivery accuracy
  • Seamless product recalls
  • Customer service
  • Reduction in delivery errors
  • Control return/pick-up process
  • Check-in and check-out activities
  • Back-office processes such as invoicing and reconciliation
  • Visibility to exactly what is inbound (returns/pick-ups) with complete tracking
  • Improved customer satisfaction with on-time and accurate order delivery as well as better documentation around the actual delivery
  • Greater total cost of ownership due to better management and storage of documents as well as reduced costs associated with document imaging hardware and scanning
  • Reduced days sales outstanding by working with clean invoices that clearly document delivery
  • Better data integrity using a digital format that reduces human error or lost documentation from manual processes and re-keying
  • Enhanced customer account information based on easy-to-access digital documentation
  • Process optimization based on data about the driver, routes, and customers to refine operations

Industry Challenges

Lack of visibility

  • Provides greater visibility into delivery activity from warehouse to recipient
  • Gain intra-day intelligence on order adjustments, returns, credits, cash, and driver performance

Missing automation

Automate payment processing at delivery or via the portal; drivers no longer need to reconcile cash manually

No traceability

Track using scanned case-level delivery intelligence with time, date, and location stamping

Complementary Solutions


Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Extensive pricing and costing options
  • Integrated deal management
  • Integrated General Ledger
  • Suggested purchasing
  • Production, scheduling, costing and yield management
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Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Predictive analytics
  • Management by Exception (MBE)
  • KPIs integrated into G2 Analytics
  • Business Intelligence application
  • Streamlined access
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Warehouse Management System

  • Increased inventory accuracy and turns
  • Product rotation and code date management
  • Labor management
  • Cycle count management
  • Support for voice, tablets, mobile devices
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Proof of Delivery

  • Real-time visibility
  • Clean invoice at delivery and A/R
  • Lot, weight, and code date traceability at the unit level
  • Extensive route analysis
  • Collections and payment processing in the field
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GDSN/Master Data Management

  • Unify and standardize data
  • Synchronize product information
  • Primary management of attributes
  • Product notifications
  • Sales spec sheets
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