Ignition ERP provides an advanced, purpose-built solution for all back-end processing, production, deal management, procurement, financials, and master data management.  Ignition ERP streamlines with automation, and its single database architecture seamlessly integrates with other core Ignition modules to provide an unparalleled solution for distribution & processing companies.

Benefits Of ERP

  • The Deals & Rebates module helps to eliminate non-integrated third-party systems while increasing marketing revenue and reducing claims processing and deal maintenance costs.
  • Improve your processes with industry standard best practices to allow you to reallocate head count and lift sales.
  • Ignition ERP has proven to help companies grow sales and reduce inventory while improving and automating processes.
  • Lot & Date: No longer restricted by regulation, we provide you with a level of confidence unrealized with lesser systems so you can reach the exact customer(s) that have had products recalled.
  • Multi-Unit: Enables you to quickly consume and add to your company’s profile. We provide complete visibility of your operations whether under a single company or multiple companies.
  • Pricing flexibility: From the way you reflect costs, to the way you generate sheltered income, our proven methods calculate costs, pads and pricing at the customer/item combination.

Industry Challenges

Demand forecasting

Knowing what to buy when and how much to buy at a certain price point is the basis for an economical order point. Having access to current and historical sales demand provides a greater view of the needs of your company. Knowing the attributes of purchasing from that vendor better shapes the purchasing time frame and delivery of the PO.

Complex pricing/costing

Foodservice has the most complex pricing routines used in distribution. The extreme flexibility in price creation comes from the hierarchal groupings created in Ignition ERP’s cost maintenance.

Real time visibility

A single database structure eliminates the issues that plague lesser systems. By leveraging a single database, transactions become REAL TIME and do not suffer the issues that near real-time or synchronized systems encounter each day.

Extensive deal/rebates tracking

By leveraging deal templates, all the information for the program can be entered at one time on one screen so none of the details of the program are lost between users. Deals benefit from grouping codes that allow for faster, more accurate deal creations. Processing and bill backs can be set up for A/R & A/P integration.

High volume/low margin

Distribution in general is a high-volume/low-margin business. Knowing that 30+ years of domain experience is incorporated gives you peace of mind. At every potential instance, Ignition ERP extracts the potential to add profit or cover costs – providing you with the ultimate margin maintenance tool.

Customer retention

Nothing erodes customer confidence more than inaccurate orders and invoices. Our systems ensure the orders are accurate, priced correctly, and have all the items necessary to create the perfect order. With our frequently ordered item review, critical item notification, and multi-step order validation points, you can rest assured the order will be profitable for your company.

Labor costs

Many distributors are challenged with overtime labor issues. Work must be completed. Ignition ERP improves your processes and, as a direct result, allows you to better allocate your labor expense.

Multiple sales channel

Ignition ERP can accept orders from multiple channels, whether innate or third-party. Ignition ERP is complemented by Ignition OMS which is a multi-channel order management system that encompasses customer service, external sales teams, and customer-facing order entry options with all the details necessary to create dependency with your users.

Inventory allocation

Knowing what you have, what has been committed, and what is coming in is critical to being able to maintain the service levels promised to your customers. Your sales team members have access to all of the inventory/purchasing information you want to provide to them so they can make educated decisions that do not negatively impact your customers.

Product costing, yield management, scheduling

Production is a critical component of many distributors’ profits. An incorrectly managed recipe or an inaccurate MRP projection will have immediate, dramatic impacts. Ignition ERP tells you what to make, when to make it, and what to make it from, and provides that detail to accurately cost and price the item to account for all aspects of its production.

Case Study

John Gross & Company

“We implemented ERP, OMS, and WMS from Ignition in August of 2016 and by end of our 2018 financial year, our sales had grown 19.7%. We are absolutely thrilled with the platform.”

Zach Gross – Operations Director

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