Ignition Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a comprehensive software suite that enables superior results across critical business processes such as route creation/selling and loading/delivery, along with reconciliation of all route activities. Business processes related to pre-sales, deliveries, van sales, inventory management, route accounting and settlement are both streamlined and better integrated. Ignition DSD helps to build the perfect store picture at each retail location by supporting merchandising activities for the traditional trade/direct store delivery channel. With Ignition by TELUS DSD, you can boost your operational efficiencies and maximize customer service while reducing costs and increasing your revenue.

Modernized through the latest technologies, the Ignition DSD suite provides a robust set of features and functions that provide both the flexibility and configurability to support multiple business processes and user scenarios. The application’s interface design is intuitive, thereby reducing user training and support efforts. As a state-of-the-art platform, Ignition DSD ensures reliability and scalability across the most demanding scenarios, enabling accelerated business growth in both current as well as new markets.

Benefits Of DSD

  • Increased sales and delivery productivity by 25-50% with integrated and automated processes
  • Improved sales and order-to-cash cycle time
  • Elimination of reconciliation paperwork
  • Diminished customer disputes, chargebacks, and collection issues by up to 50-75% with Proof of Delivery
  • Reduced inventory shrink and loss by up to 20-40% with process visibility, accountability, and control of all cash and inventory transactions
  • Minimized shelf out of stock by 30-50%
  • Efficient fuel and labor utilization with increased leverage of delivery assets
  • Increased execution, productivity, and portfolio distribution at the point of sale
  • Execution activities aligned to strategic business objectives and KPIs
  • An ability to effectively monitor delivery and sales activities to assure compliance and security
  • Timely information about the products’ performance at the point of sale to help you achieve better decision-making

Industry Challenges

Lack of productivity aids

Older software solutions with a steep learning curve, a complex and counter-intuitive user interface with unnecessary steps, and lack of platform standards. With increased personnel turnover, all new hires require significant training time and effort. Older solutions miss motivating goals and measurements for individual performances.

Technology cost control

Not fully utilizing the potential of modern technologies, while costs remain very high for devices, printers, workstations, maintenance and updates.

Food safety and traceability

Inability to comply with food recalls by food manufacturers or distributors, or by government agencies (USDA or FDA). This can risk regulatory penalties or a potential shutdown.

Inadequate customer service

Inability to manage the numerous daily communications from customers disputing deliveries, requesting past invoices, placing phone orders, complaining about unexpected delivery delays, or simply asking for product information.

Lack of data to make informed business decisions

Business decisions are not based near enough to the event to effectively plan production. Older solutions have no visibility of what is happening in the field (delays, damaged products, poor marketing/non-competitive products, late orders) until it is too late to act.

No control over the delay operation workflow

Lack of monitoring of distribution assets such as a truck’s physical and mechanical conditions, its current position throughout the day, and the status of deliveries; there is no tracking of equipment or assets deployed at the customer’s location; and there is no monitoring or reporting of the driver’s conduct or safety compliance.

Key Differentiators

  • Food industry focus
  • Open integration with any ERP system
  • Support for Android
  • Meets specific needs of diverse food distribution roles & practices
    (distributors, manufacturers, clients, wholesale, home delivery, ePoD, van sales and pre-orders)
  • Consolidated analytics to support managerial decisions
  • Extremely cost-effective
    (Bring your own device, SaaS model, paperless)
  • Globalized solution
    (multi-language, multi-culture)
  • Highly configurable via customizable workflows
  • Real-time communication

Case Study

Portland French Bakery

“The ease of distribution points that's the one thing we have a lot of potential to expand right now and with the mobility of the software it's turnkey you could walk in and in a matter of hour be ready to go and go rent a facility, truck your product there and distribute 5 routes from there. That would not be as easily done by other solution providers.”

Brian Nickila – Director

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