Ignition G2 Analytics is a highly consumable data analytics solution, purpose-built for the Food Distribution industry. G2 will give your users actionable insights to make better informed and more profitable decisions on your business.

AFS implements G2 in a ready-to-go state, designed around best practice results from years of use by companies in our industry. You will have a complete representation of your data and will be able to drill down to root levels to locate issues and opportunities.

You’ll then be able to examine results, identify issues, challenges, pain points and patterns of success, turning them into opportunities, resolutions and business growth. Powerful enough to satisfy the most zealous BI user, yet simple enough for any user in your organization, G2 allows everyone in your company to access and analyze the data. Big technical skills are not needed to use Ignition G2 Analytics.

Build powerful dashboards with our drag-and-drop design interface, allowing for an unlimited combination of dashboarding solutions. Dashboards help you see right through to your data, helping you to understand it better. G2 will empower your staff to make improved decisions at a fraction of the cost (and time) of traditional business intelligence project initiatives.

G2 comes with reporting solution views based on your data, pre-configured and ready to use on day one. Enhancing the value of other solutions from AFS, G2 provides visibility and tools for quick analysis. G2 answers questions you didn’t think to ask.

Let Ignition G2 Analytics provide you with deliverable metrics and analytics, so that you can focus on your business instead!

Benefits Of G2

  • Streamlined access to your data provides quick, cost-effective, time to value results.
  • Combined with our other software solutions and third-party data sources, you’ll get one version of the truth to ensure consistency throughout your organization. One version of the truth is the foundation of our approach to deliver to you, a digital partner that supports industry best practices.
  • Management by Exception (MBE) is a feature that monitors your data for changes beyond a pre-set range allowing immediate intervention. Users are notified when a deviation has occurred.
  • Use the Trending feature to let your teams see things in a whole new way, and in turn, do better planning. Trending inserts a set of rolling period columns into your view. Use these to compare previous results to spot if this is a trend or an anomaly in your data.
  • Features like Pivot View will enable you to quickly summarize data and detect trends that you might not otherwise recognize.
  • Predictive analytics that identify issues based on trends before they become major challenges that could impact top-and bottom-line results.
  • The ability to deploy the right data to the right people, slicing out only the data they are responsible for, like by region, selected territories, or certain customers, etc. All without intervention from your IT staff.
  • Benefit on day one from industry best practices using KPIs integrated into G2 Analytics, rather than having your IT team spend months defining and building reports in a standard business intelligence application.
  • Ability to deploy quickly and cost-effectively without high implementation costs.

Industry Challenges

Innovation and identifying opportunities for new growth

G2’s actionable intelligence allows you to drill into your data and identify where to best focus your sales efforts. Use G2 to decipher, clarify, and tell you the story your data is presenting. You can then capture actionable analysis to develop accurate plans and promotional scenarios at the customer and product levels.

Changing Customer Demands

You’ll be able to analyze up to three years of data at one time for the most comprehensive view of business trends. This is just one of the ways that G2 will meet the always-changing consumer demand.

Shrinking operating margins

Predictive analysis will spot issues based off trends before they blossom into major issues that affect your company’s operating margins.

Vendor Scorecard and relations

Thanks to G2’s easy access to specific sales insights, Florida Food Service was able to make their vendor meetings 50% more productive.

Account penetration and margin management

Use the enhanced Void Matrix feature to locate opportunities for account penetration.

Operational efficacy

Just one of the many aspects in warehouse operations, G2 can help you determine if the number of trucks you have in operation is efficient.

Customer Churn Reduction

Use built-in automation in the form of Management by Exception (MBE), which will allow you to capture lost sales in real-time. You’ll be able to monitor metrics that are tied to critical business situations where immediate intervention is required when a deviation has occurred.

Need for data granularity and visibility

Ignition G2 will consolidate information from multiple sources, filter out nonessential information based on user preferences, and provides insightful analytics solutions for you.

IT bandwidth focused on risk management, cybersecurity, and asset/data management

G2 has pre-built connectors and metrics defined and this allows IT resources to focus on other priorities.

Strengthen Customer Relationships and Retention

Arm your salesforce with intense, intelligent data so that they can maintain the strong customer relationships needed in your industry.

Case Study

Affiliated Food Service

“The reporting helps our sales managers narrow down lost sales, potential sales all the way down to the individual line item so it's been very beneficial there's a huge amount of information there”

Crystal McMurry – Director

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