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A warehouse management system (WMS) automates and assists in managing the daily operations of warehouses, allowing you to track products from the moment they enter to when they reach store shelves. It’s vital now more than ever to ensure you have a leading warehouse management system in place that offers full visibility and control of your supply chain operation.

Who benefits from warehouse management software?

WMS provides a level of visibility into warehouse stock that benefits multiple facets and teams within an operation including:



Proper visibility and accurate data lets you know everything you have available to sell and leads to increased sales.


By managing inventory and weights at the unit level, not just by item or lot, you’re able to know how much inventory/value you’re carrying.

Customer Service

Near-perfect accuracy will reduce costly errors, minimize returns, and improve service levels.

Why implement a leading warehouse management system

Issues start small and if left to pile up, can lead to large losses over time. By ensuring you have a leading WMS in place, you’re guaranteeing your operation is fully capable of managing both common and unique challenges. With full visibility into your inventory, within and between distribution centers, you’re able to quickly combat challenges such as:



Keeping track of current inventory, outbound delivery, and incoming goods at once is a challenge. Without a complete view and understanding of exactly what you have in stock, errors and discrepancies will develop and grow over time, eventually leading to backorders and shipping delays.


The lack of visibility that leads to overestimating your inventory can also lead to underestimating and overstock challenges. Now instead of missing sales due to understock, a company could waste money by over-purchasing and taking up crucial space in their warehouse that could be used for other goods.


In the food industry, with poor inventory control, a loss of products is inevitable. Not only will companies face a loss in possible sales but there is also the need to replace the product by purchasing new stock. In the worst-case scenario without proper documentation, these expired products may be completely missed and still shipped out.

Continuity errors

Shared information is crucial within multi-warehouse systems. If an employee cannot access the inventory list, they are unable to find, update and move a product to delivery or a new location. Once an order goes through there should be a minimal delay in locating the product, but without accuracy and full visibility, all parts of the delivery process become pushed back.

WMS enables operations to optimize staff productivity, manage inventory efficiently, and comply with food safety and quality regulations to reduce the costly repercussions of the above challenges. An efficient WMS system provides the real-time visibility and control necessary to enable delivery of the perfect order.

Choosing the best warehouse management system

When looking for the best WMS for your operation, it’s important to select one with years of industry experience that’s scalable to continuously support you as your operation grows.

Ignition by TELUS Consumer Goods provides solutions purpose-built for food distributors and processors and support that only 35+ years of domain experience can provide. We are proud that we still support some of our very first clients and have helped them navigate our evolving industry with its continuous changes as well as the unexpected challenges of recent years.

Ignition by TELUS Consumer Goods offers a future-proof warehouse management solution with a continuous improvement process that ensures the system will be scalable alongside your business.

With 99.6%+ order fulfillment accuracy and 99.8% inventory accuracy, Ignition WMS allows your warehouse to have complete, instantaneous visibility into what’s been received, produced, inventoried, and shipped as well as increased traceability throughout your supply chain operation.

The optimized visibility and traceability of Ignition WMS provide benefits such as:

  • Tracking labor throughout the operation and maximizing system-directed work.
  • Tracking every unit that passes through or into the warehouse for lot, weight, and code/date.
  • Managing recalls in seconds versus days.
  • Tracking key details of food products such as country of origin and harvest location to ensure quick access to crucial details.
  • Optimized traceability to ensure product safety and FSMA standards are met.
  • Tracking possible problem areas to find and fix mis-picks, not-on-truck errors, rotational issues, and more. Fixing these issues as quickly as possible helps reduce delays in the delivery process, in turn increasing effectiveness.
  • Tracking accurately to help reduce loss/theft, product damages, and customer returns.
  • Rotating inventory automatically, making it easier and more cost-effective to manage the possible expiration of goods.

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For more information on WMS solutions, view our list of the key benefits of warehouse management systems and how Ignition WMS supports your business by boosting the operational efficiencies of supply chains.

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