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Ignition by TELUS is partnering with Zebra Technologies for a complimentary virtual Lunch-n-Learn, where we will cover Mobility trends and challenges from finished goods, warehouse, and throughout the supply chain.

Zebra Technologies Invests 10%+ of revenue in research for supply chain, field mobility, retail, and other sectors. Our strategic partners at Zebra will bring the industry and technology experts to share an hour of information, education, and insight to the mobility aspects of our business. Take away tools to help bring your operation to current, and determine strategy.

Mobile computing has increasingly become a critical tool for our warehouses, Proof of Delivery, and DSD. That’s also one major component of our tools that continually changes. Even with notice, staying ahead of those changes requires a continual watch. Eric Hilton straddles the development and sales environments to insure Zebra maintains a performance edge at this pace striving to help the industry achieve superior business results.

Written by TELUS Consumer Goods on May 18, 2021

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