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Many operators are concerned that supply chain disruptions, shipping delays, and increased consumer-commerce activity will have dramatic and underestimated impacts on their business. For this reason, among others, now is the best time for Distributor Sales Representatives to drive dependency on services and consider solutions such as order management systems.

Fully driving dependency on services means enabling direct collaboration with your operators to understand what, when, and how these instabilities in the supply chain are going to impact them and you, and managing the time necessary to achieve it.

By providing a solution that empowers and charges the customer with the ability to self-serve, as a DSR you will open nearly 80% of the time you would have normally been asking for an order and you avoid key challenges of order management such as:


High cost to serve

Lost opportunities due to loss of time

Manual order entry mistakes

That’s where an order management system (OMS) comes in. Software Advice shares:

OMS software gives supply chain managers a bird’s eye view of open orders, available inventory, payment and delivery status and more. Managers can use this information to identify potential problems and optimize processes to keep purchasing and fulfillment running smoothly.

Managing inventory is an important job in any company that sells and ships goods. Making sure orders are accurate and delivered on time is vital to keeping customers happy. Therefore, it’s important to strive for a “perfect order” every time.

Ignition by TELUS OMS supports order entry, processing, and fulfillment of orders from the point of purchase through payment and delivery.

Why opt for omnichannel order management systems

Today, it’s vital that OMS systems are omnichannel and provide a view of the entire consumer journey. Omnichannel order management is a software system that allows you to access customer, order, and inventory information across all channels and devices.

Businesses that use this type of system have:


Increased visibility into prospecting, customer management, and price management

Multi-channel order management for customers, DSRs, and customer service

Increased line-item penetration, gross profits, and customer dependency

Choosing the best OMS solution

The Ignition by TELUS Order Management System was designed for simplicity and ease of use. It leverages the users mobility to enhance the accuracy of orders​ while presenting media-rich capabilities to create dependency with the users​. This creates the ability to place orders at any time​, any place​, and on nearly any device​. By leveraging Ignition OMS, you’ll gain four key benefits including:


Increased customer dependency

Increased opportunities for line-item penetration

Increased sales profit and customer satisfaction

Lowered costs to serve the customer

View the Ignition OMS Infographic to learn more about these four key order management system benefits.

With Ignition OMS you gain the ability to learn what is critical to your customers in terms of items, services, timing, etc. to empower your ability to strike at the core of their opportunities. This builds a dependency on the tool and enables deeper connections with your customers that are stronger than simple competitive pricing tactics. Learn more capabilities and benefits on the Ignition OMS solution page.

To learn how the OMS solution can directly benefit your business, schedule a short discovery call with an OMS specialist.

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