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Order Management System Solution Principal, David Feaster, hosted episode one of the Ignition Learning Series, “OMS in 15 Minutes: Four ways to generate money without taking orders.”

The Ignition Learning Series allows viewers to hear supply chain experts explore the solutions to complex challenges behind warehousing and distribution operations in 15 minutes or less.

If you’re looking to drive better business results, find new ways to discover actionable targets, improve your supply chain visibility, reduce costs, and drive industry compliance with complete transactional clarity right through to the bottom line, then the Ignition Learning Series is designed for you.

In this first episode of the series, David Feaster focuses on marketing-driven line-item penetration through an Order Management System (OMS) using tactics revolving around branding and advertising messages as well as tools such as PUSH order guides and price confidence.


Diving first into branding, David Feaster explores how to easily and effectively leverage your order management system to strengthen your brand.

Ignition by TELUS OMS solution

Through branding your Order Management System you’re continuously promoting your identity and increasing customer recognition. David Feaster demonstrates leveraging tools within the Ignition OMS by TELUS to achieve this through the systems home page with:

Brand design including images, colors, themes, etc.

Links to social media platforms

Taglines and slogans

Vendor promotions

As David Feaster describes in the episode, “it’s your billboard, make sure that you’re leveraging it just like the sides of your truck, the way you have them [branded], make you’re doing the same thing here.”

See how Ignition OMS is able to generate additional focus on brand, products and vendors here.

Advertising and Messaging

Additional key features of Ignition OMS by TELUS are in its advertising and messaging capabilities. With direct reach through advertisements and messages, Ignition OMS by TELUS is able to promote different ads to different companies, roles and pages to make the maximum impact where it matters most.

Creating these ads opens a valuable opportunity for vendors by directing traffic to a specific URL to support an item, event or vendor.

PUSH Order Guides

The PUSH order guides functionality of Ignition OMS by TELUS is demonstrated to place the items you need to move directly in front of your customers. You gain the ability to customize:

What items you’re pushing

To whom you’re directing it for purchase

How you’re displaying the items

How long the push will be driven

With PUSH order guides you have the opportunity to place products directly in front of the customers whom you want to order them. Vendors can ensure the buying process runs as smoothly as possible. with the ability to place the right product in front of the right customer at the right time

These OMS features create the ability to place the right product in front of the right customer at the right time.

Price Confidence

In the final minutes of the episode, David covers the Ignition OMS Price Confidence tool. With Price Confidence, you will have the ability to see what the market is bearing in terms of prices for the product you are selling. You have direct access to ALL of your accounts to see how you are managing the price and potentially your entire customer base via a configuration switch. Price Confidence delivers just that – the insights you need to confidently approach your customers with the pricing you know is right.

Find the full episode here and watch David’s full demonstration of the above capabilities and more.

Ignition OMS by TELUS

These in-product marketing tools give operations a boost to increase sales without taking orders. To learn more about the advanced pricing capabilities and other order management system benefits of Ignition OMS by TELUS, visit the OMS solution page.

For more information on OMS, view our list of the four key order management system benefits and ways in which Ignition OMS by TELUS supports them.

To learn how the OMS solution can directly benefit your business, schedule a short discovery call with an OMS specialist.

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