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Software for Food Distributors

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    Ignition WMS

    Warehouse Management System

    WMS is designed to provide the level of visibility and control required to enable the delivery of the perfect order. Simultaneously, it improves the overall warehouse infrastructure by providing the ability to automate manual efforts, reduce labor and inventory inefficiencies, support track and trace, and provide profitable insights.

    Key Features:

    • Lot traceability, including system generated receiving lots and tracking attributes to the order/ product/lot for food safety compliance like country of origin and harvest locations
    • Load planning tool enables visibility for the truck layout and pallet building assignments prior to releasing orders to the warehouse and drag & drop exception handling
    • Ability to do all operations from the warehouse with mobile scanning devices, voice units and tablets to provide a truly mobile operation

    About Us

    Ignition by TELUS is a comprehensive solution platform for food distribution. We operate on a single-source solution, an integrated platform that is scalable and is modularized to provide the correct solution for each of our partners; large or small.

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