Optimize your enterprise with Ignition Seafood Distribution Software

Ignition by TELUS is a comprehensive suite of purpose-built, highly configurable modules perfect for the unique needs of a beverage distributor and processor. This innovative solution introduces automated processes, improved productivity, and rapid time-to-value to optimize your enterprise, reduce costs, and drive revenue. Ignition support and implementation staff are experts in the industry and understand your business needs.

Customer Benefits with Ignition Seafood Distribution Software

  • Increased deal income through internal tools
  • Extensive pricing and costing functionality
  • Complete track and trace capability
  • Inventory accuracy up to 99.99%

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    Ignition Seafood Distribution Software gives you visibility from the sale to the final mile.

    Ignition is a comprehensive solution platform, purpose-built for distributors. The Ignition solution can include various modules including ERP, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Direct Store Delivery, and Business Analytics and Intelligence, which work together in order to drive revenue and reduce costs. Our solutions automate processes and improve productivity to ensure a quick return on investment.

    By using the Ignition platform, customers will benefit from an end-to-end solution that provides complete visibility throughout the distribution process. Ignition is offered as a complete solution or as individual components to integrate with other systems. The system is fully scalable to support distributors of all sizes and purpose-built for food and beverage distributors to grow with you and your company.

    Benefits Include

    • Lowering inventory while increasing income
    • Reducing operations costs and pick errors
    • Singe database design
    • Deep insights and actionable analysis

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