Ignition by TELUS

Software for Food Distributors

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    Ignition ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    Ignition ERP provides an advanced, purpose-built solution for all back-end processing, production, deal management, procurement, financials, and master data management.  Ignition ERP streamlines with automation, and its single database architecture seamlessly integrates with other core Ignition modules to provide an unparalleled solution for distribution & processing companies.

    Key Features:

    • The Deals & Rebates module eliminates non-integrated third-party systems while increasing marketing revenue and reducing claims processing and deal maintenance costs
    • Pricing flexibility: From the way you reflect costs, to the way you generate sheltered income, our proven methods calculate costs, pads and pricing at the customer/item combination.
    • Ignition ERP has proven to help companies grow sales and reduce inventory while improving and automating processes

    About Us

    Ignition by TELUS is a comprehensive solution platform for food distribution. We operate on a single-source solution, an integrated platform that is scalable and is modularized to provide the correct solution for each of our partners; large or small.

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