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Our mission is to serve our customers with the highest levels of service excellence.

Ignition by AFS has served its partners for over 35 years and assisted them to navigate through many uncertain times. We guarantee that this time is no different.

We have always been committed to providing a high level of service excellence and we will continue to offer our support during COVID-19, despite logistical challenges surrounding travel.

The Ignition by AFS team is experienced and equipped to provide a wide variety of remote services and support during this time including:

  • Training sessions where participants can see both the AFS applications and their AFS trainer and interact in real-time.
  • Discovery sessions to discuss best practice business processes and how to configure the AFS applications for those processes.
  • Strategic value assessments of multiple areas of optimization that can be quickly implemented to allow for better system performance or to leverage efficiencies in the latest functionality.
  • Conference room pilots that review specific modules and areas in the solutions, to confirm they are working as intended.
  • Remote deployments of new applications with a dedicated and well-versed team of Sr. Business Consultants and Sr. Project Managers supporting over the phone and video conferencing.

The staff at AFS has already successfully executed these services with several customers and we are available to assist your organization in any way. Even if we cannot meet face to face, we can work closely with your team to help you achieve all your business objectives in this rapidly changing world.

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