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Discover food industry solutions such as supply chain management software, food distribution software, and more at group purchasing shows this year.

Attendance at group purchasing shows is a popular practice for companies looking to meet with new and existing customers while sharing knowledge and expertise within an industry. At Ignition by TELUS, a group purchasing show is a favorite means of sharing our food industry solutions, networking, and connecting with existing consumers while meeting with prospective consumers in the food and beverage industry.

For us, we never miss a chance to provide businesses looking for supply chain management software and food distribution software with the resources they need to understand how to improve their business operations. As the new year rolls in, we highly recommend seeking out and attending in-person group purchasing shows to gain valuable experience and make useful connections within the industry.

What are the benefits and takeaways of a group purchasing organization?

A group purchasing organization (GPO) is a group of members assembled to leverage their larger numbers for the purposes of achieving better purchasing and better services as well as to share ideas and best practices related to vendors, customers and technology.

GPOs provide an approved, vetted list of vendors and providers with whom the GPO has worked out purchasing and service programs ahead of time. This is a major plus for distributors, as these agreements are typically more advantageous than what an individual distributor may be able to negotiate on their own.

For businesses looking to spread brand awareness and vision, GPO events are the perfect opportunities to accomplish this through networking and informational resources. Providers gain the ability to gather competitive intelligence to remain agile in the market, while consumers gain the ability to scope out options, make connections, and make better decisions.

Find Ignition by TELUS supply chain management software reps at shows in 2022

Ignition by TELUS has learned from years of experience that GPOs are the most effective way a company has of revealing, identifying and/or keeping pace with the needs of customers. For us, this means we can meet with our partners in the food and beverage industry and identify the challenges they face, so we may continue providing new solutions to improve food distribution and supply chain management.

Networking is one of the great advantages of these events. A great GPO always provides the opportunity to showcase customers to others in that GPO to initiate networking and references. We’re always happy to showcase our leading customers to others and aid in creating connections that will benefit both parties.

Finally, GPOs give us the perfect opportunity to share what we have accomplished since a customer or prospective customer’s last impression.

How do you plan to invest in your business and industry by joining a GPO event this year?

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