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Interruptions and challenges from the past years have provided insight into the tools that distributors and operators in the food and beverage industry need more than ever before to maintain a stable supply chain. Ignition by TELUS provides those necessary food distribution solutions for a stable supply chain with supply chain management tools such as order management software, warehouse management software, and food distribution software to reduce cost and increase margins while minimizing risk, maximizing inventory, and controlling quality and food safety.

Top food supply chain management challenges of 2021

In the past two years, monumental gaps in supply chains were exposed and issues consequently travelled throughout entire supply chains from manufacturing to warehousing to distribution and operations down to the consumer.

Blog Post: Ignition by TELUS food distribution solutions for a stable supply chain

The challenges the food industry faced were among the most complex. Unexpected roadblocks drove a stronger need for solutions that offer transactional clarity right through to the bottom line, that are capable of handling supply chain challenges.

Forward thinking companies in the food and beverage industry sought solutions for what became common issues within the supply chain, such as:

Labor shortages

Food safety

Supply shortages

Changing safety standards

Technological challenges

Shutdowns of partnered businesses

Food industry trends from 2021 continuing into 2022

The businesses that caught up to last year’s challenges and eventually kept pace or stepped ahead of the curve, remained the most successful.

In addition to the changes happening within businesses’ supply chains, consumer expectations and interests shifted and began to set the precedent for new expectations. These shifts were caused by a range of different interests, from health concerns to convenience. Major food and beverage industry trends Ignition by TELUS has taken notice of that were instigated by consumers are:

Simplified and online to-go ordering

More robust product information

Sustainable practices and mindset

Functional food

More robust allergen and quality management processes

Waste reduction

Pantry Meals

Ghost kitchens

Investment in a stable supply chain, automation, and waste reduction look to be among the top food industry trends for food distributors, processors, and operators in 2022. These tools provided businesses with the capabilities to adapt to both the challenging market and shifting demands and the need for them will only grow in the coming years.

Finding the best solutions for a stable supply chain, automation, and waste reduction

To meet increasing demands, better adapt to changing consumer behavior, and stay ahead of competition, businesses in the food industry need to help propel themselves forward by turning to these and new technologies. Companies should be focused as a top priority on the solutions that drive revenue, reduce costs, and deliver a quick return on investment.

Warehouse management systems

With the trends and challenges of the past year in mind, it’s clear the food industry should aim to rely less on labor. With the uncertainty of changing safety and labor regulations, a level of automation from solutions such as warehouse management systems will maximize staff productivity and improve inventory accuracy while complying with food safety regulations. Labor savings has a proven track record of measurable results to ensure continued growth.

Four Seasons Produce Inc. gained a 64% reduction in labor costs by implementing warehouse management software, among other high percentage improvements. With purpose-built food warehouse management software, the company saw a 63% reduction in mis-picks and shorted product which is of high importance to meet the heightened demand of sustainable practices, waste reduction, and functional foods.

The software solution they selected for the job was Ignition by TELUS’ Warehouse Management System (WMS). Read more about the benefits offered by the Ignition by TELUS WMS solution.

To learn how Four Seasons Produce increased service and sales in a complex, time-pressured, multi-facility environment with Ignition by TELUS WMS, access the full Customer Case Study today!

Order management systems

In the world of automation, eCommerce needs to satisfy customers around the clock with order management systems (OMS) in place to conduct business online, manage orders, and research product offerings.

Mike Hudson Distributing is one example of a company that saw an immediate payback after implementing software from the Ignition by TELUS suite of purpose-built food distribution software. While WMS provided them with improved accuracy, reduced labor and optimized efficiency, OMS afforded their salespeople better tools to penetrate existing accounts, increase margins and prospect new accounts, resulting in an average growth of 5 percent per year. To learn more about Mike Hudson Distributing’s experience with Ignition by TELUS’ food distribution solutions and how the company increased their sales by nearly 9% in one year, read the full Customer Case Study.

The eCommerce solution provided a seamless connection with sales and customer service for a 360-degree view of customer service and brought self-service tools to its customers. This reduced the time the inside sales team spent on the phone taking orders so they could focus more on other sales generation activities.

Read more about the Ignition by TELUS OMS solution and all of its capabilities that your business could benefit from.

Supply chain management solutions with Ignition by TELUS

Whether you are evaluating a single solution or considering a new platform, Ignition by TELUS delivers the increased efficiencies you need to remain competitive in the ever-changing food industry. The Ignition offers various modules including Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Direct Store Delivery, and Business Analytics & Intelligence, which work together to drive business results and deliver a quick return on investment.

Visit the Ignition by TELUS solutions page t0 learn more about the purpose-built suite of food distribution solutions for a stable supply chain and analytic capabilities to see into and through your business.

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