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Direct store delivery (DSD) was viewed as key to the future growth of 62% of surveyed companies in a recent study. Businesses that use DSD in their supply chain management strategy should consider optimizing their operation with direct store delivery software. With direct store delivery software solution benefits, you’ll boost the efficiency, accuracy, and earnings of your operation.

Why are DSD software solutions beneficial in the food industry?

An increase in demand for products from seasonal availability, diet trends, and the whims of consumers adds layers of complexity to any supply chain strategy you may have. A sudden surge can heavily impact your supply chain and lead to delays in delivery causing your business to miss out on sales.

Not only are you risking financial loss but there’s a high risk of disappointing your customers, causing them to go to competing businesses. The complications continue since fewer available customers may cause products and delayed shipments to go to waste.

A leading DSD software solution will combat these problems while saving you time, cutting costs, and increasing the productivity of your operation.

Direct Store Delivery Software Solution Benefits

  • Minimized shelf out of stock – Leading DSD software solutions provide visibility into what is happening in the field to monitor delays, damaged products, and late orders. This makes it especially helpful when handling products with a short shelf life as commonly seen in the food industry.

It’s also useful for products that may have a long shelf life but are high in customer demand. If your inventory runs low halfway into the business day you can request a short order to last for the rest. And with holidays bringing around quick bursts of demand for specific products, you can order a one-time, high-volume delivery of a product for a specific occasion.


  • Quality assurance – With DSD software suppliers have increased control over the quality of their products. When leaving fragile packages at distribution centers it becomes impossible to ensure they will be handled with care. Similarly, perishable products with short shelf lives can spoil if they’re left in a warehouse for too long. DSD software gives you the capabilities to avoid these problems and react quickly to any product issues without having to figure out where something went wrong.


  • Flexibility and control – With DSD software, you are more capable of reacting to the client’s ever-changing needs. Data tracking will help show your products’ demand, allowing you to know how much to produce to meet end customers.

For retailers, DSD allows for greater control and management of their inventory reducing excessive costs and in turn increasing sales growth.


  • Improved inventory visibility – With a DSD model, you will be in close contact with retailers, allowing you to get insight into how much of your product they have and in turn the demand.

DSD software lets you better manage your inventory with process visibility, accountability, and control of all cash and inventory transactions to reduce inventory shrink and loss.

Additionally, with damaged products always being a possibility the retailer can respond quickly and help you save time on sending replacements or organizing a return.

Why DSD from Ignition by TELUS?

To gain direct store delivery software solution benefits, it’s vital that the solution you select for your business is both reliable and scalable to ensure optimal efficiency.

Ignition DSD by TELUS is designed to grow with your business and is purpose-built for food distributors and processors. This comprehensive direct store delivery solution provides the benefits of improved inventory visibility, flexibility, control, quality assurance, and minimized shelf out of stocks so you can boost your operational efficiencies and increase your revenue.

Users of the Ignition DSD solution have seen increased sales and delivery productivity and decreased customer disputes, chargebacks, and collection issues. Read about their experiences on our Testimonials Page and learn how our Direct Store Delivery Software has influenced their businesses.

We streamline and integrate business processes such as pre-sales, deliveries, van sales, inventory management, route accounting, and settlement with continued support from the point of implementation. With dedicated ongoing maintenance and improvements, Ignition DSD will enable accelerated business growth in current and new markets for your operation and grow with your business.

To learn how this solution can directly help your company reduce costs and improve supply chain performance, schedule a short discovery call with a DSD expert today and evaluate your unique challenges.

For more information on DSD solutions, view our list of the four key benefits of direct store delivery software and ways in which Ignition DSD by TELUS supports them to boost the operational efficiencies of supply chains.

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