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Building a More Sustainable Supply Chain for 2021 and Beyond

2020 highlighted the unpredictability and fragility of our supply chain, which was further exacerbated by the impacts of Covid. What does it take to create a food value chain that’s more resilient, agile and most importantly, future-proof?

Join us on January 26, from 12PM-1:30PM EST, where we’ll cover:

  • The key 2021 trends you need to know to help protect continuity of food supply and brand trust
  • The TELUS Agriculture vision of leveraging technology and data to empower and connect the entire industry – from seed to fork
  • Our integrated solutions for agri-food and consumer goods industry and how we can enable you to solve your company’s biggest challenges
  • A deeper look into:
    • The Ignition products and features that can drive increased agility, safety and visibility for food distributors
    • The Muddy Boots solutions that can enhance supply chain traceability and sustainability
  • Q&A with all speakers


Chris Terris, VP, Global Strategy, TELUS Agriculture

Jonathan Evans, Managing Director, Muddy Boots

David Feaster, Sr. Sales Consultant, Ignition by TELUS

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