News > 7 Hands-Off Ways to Attract and Retain Last Mile Food Service Drivers in THIS Market

In this candidate’s market, your ability to attract and retain last-mile food service drivers is a costly challenge, and that challenge must be overcome to meet increasing market demands. In addition, accidents are not only dangerous to your employees and drivers on the road but also create unnecessary expenses and downtime for your company.

One of the easiest ways to avoid these pitfalls is to implement the latest state-of-the-art hands-free food service distribution software technology. Let’s face it: Delivery drivers working in the last mile of the food service industry execute a flurry of details and deal with countless unpredictables, so a company with the best tools to make tasks easier has a much better chance of winning and keeping drivers.

And the best part? You save time, not only by onboarding fewer new employees but also by increasing cost efficiency in your delivery operation. Here are just a few of the many ways our hands-free solution makes this possible:

  1. Voice notes and queries

Your drivers’ hands are busy. They get directions, drive, load, unload, take notes, and more. With our hands-free voice notes and queries features, the driver can talk to the device and give commands, ask questions and record voice notes for future reference.

  1. Text to voice

With our hands-free text-to-voice functionality, the office can message a driver without distracting from the workflow. Here’s how it works: The DSD Mobile application notifies the driver verbally with, “You have a message.” The driver commands the system, “Read the message.” The system will read the text message to the driver. This is especially useful when the driver is en route and cannot touch a mobile phone or handheld device.

  1. Voice picking

Another example of text-to-voice is our voice picking feature, which allows the driver to talk to the device, saying, for example, “Name of the product or Product ID and Quantity.” There’s no need for the driver to search for the product manually or to key in the quantity. Instead, the DSD Mobile system does it, which keeps the driver on task.

  1. Voice alerts and notifications

Thanks to voice alerts and notifications, should the driver not follow the workflow defined by the manager, the system will notify him verbally. This alert can be custom-recorded in the voice of his manager.

  1. Voice commands

Likewise, the driver gains control through voice commands. For example, the driver can navigate the DSD Mobile app without touching the screen. “Go Home,” “Go Order Entry,” or “Go Settings,” are just a few of the commands that save the driver clicks and confusion, enabling safer driving conditions.

  1. Automated assistant

Our automated assistant answers questions about the vehicle, provides help with support during emergencies, and troubleshoots and schedules service whenever needed. It can also save you and the driver time and money with directions to the right gas station, reduce electric vehicle range anxiety via historical driving data and current road conditions, provide data on open and economical parking spots, and suggest appropriate hotels or restaurants that keep the driver on time and on budget.

  1. Voice-based Security

In case you’re wondering about securing sensitive company information, you may opt to use our speech recognition function to authenticate the driver during the login process into the DSD Mobile application.

Every person has a unique voice, which helps us to identify the right person before granting him access to the application.


The bottom line is this: In today’s market, you must have a highly competitive stance in order to attract and retain last-mile food service drivers, and at the same time, you should always be working to lower business costs, simplify outdated processes, and increase overall efficiency. If this describes you, then our hands-free solution needs to be a major part of your tactical list. As experts in the industry, AFS will show you how to hire top candidates and keep them with our DSD solution as a competitive advantage. And once drivers are on your staff, DSD Mobile will go a long way to keeping them—and the public—safer on the roads.

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